What Makes Jamboard Different From Conventional Whiteboards?

Jul 11, 2021

For a lot of businesses, conventional whiteboards have been useful for many years. However, as technology has continued to move forward, we’ve bared witness to the evolution of whiteboards, and how they’ve adopted the names ‘smart’ and ‘interactive’. Now with the introduction of Google Jamboard… the latest, greatest, ultra smart, ultra interactive whiteboard to hit the market, we discover what makes this new piece of tech different to whiteboards of the past.

Difference 1:  Jamboard is an interactive masterpiece

Whereas conventional whiteboards are simply… a board. Jamboard’s screen, powerful graphics processor, software and hardware combine to create the simplest, most intuitive way of collaborating within teams effectively and efficiently. Jamboard offers an interactive experience with the ability to view content from any device, whether it’s a laptop or mobile device.

Difference 2: Cloud Connectivity

With Jamboard, the team at Google has made it even easier for users to connect and share files by utilising cloud technology. This means that users can simply log on to Google Drive, and share files with others in the blink of an eye. This saves hours of time, meaning users can spend less time worrying about their computer, and more time actually collaborating.

Difference 3: Google Assistant

When it comes to a Jamboard… the possibilities really are endless. With this in mind, it makes sense that there’s a virtual assistant to help you with all of your needs. The team behind Jamboard have designed Google  assistant to help you run through your Jamboard experience, whether it’s giving you notifications on how much time is left in the meeting or scanning whiteboards for information.

Difference 4: Jamboard is an ever evolving device

Jamboard offers you the opportunity to access and upgrade your whiteboard, without actually having to buy a brand new one. With Jamboard being connected to the internet, the device upgrades itself with the latest and greatest features, whether they are new collaboration tools, apps or software device updates, the Jamboard automatically does it all for you.

Difference 5: Jamboard is built with a stylish design in mind

When it comes to tech… we’re used to seeing white gadgets that aren’t really aesthetically pleasing. However, Jamboard is a whole new experience in that it’s designed with functionality at its core and aesthetic appeal second. Whether you’re looking for Jamboard to become the main attraction of the room, or simply blending into the background… this board will do both perfectly!

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