What is Jamboard

Rather than telling you, we thought it would be better to show you just how good Jamboard is.

Unlock the New Kind of Teamwork

Don’t be limited by decor, host effective team collaborations within or beyond the walls of your building.

Remote Collaboration Made Easy

The distance between you and your colleagues, often makes it near impossible for effective team collaborations to take place.

Jamboard however, solves the miserable experience of remote team collaboration.

Rather than passing notes back and forth or emailing numerous markup files, you can now instantly connect and collaborate with your team on the one interface.

Brainstorm together using the Jamboard app, so that your team can host effective team collaboration sessions wherever they may be.

Create Instant Learning Spaces

Don’t be held back by decor limitations, instantly transform any room using Jamboard.

No longer are you needing to book team meeting rooms to host collaborations, just wheel your Jamboard over, plug it in and switch it on.

The Jamboard creates an instant learning environment where team members can work together when brainstorming ideas or working on important projects.

Once the creative session is over, team members can resume their previous work and access the collaboration via the cloud.

Take Team Creativity To New Levels

Does your work lack creative flair?

Well, now it doesn’t have to, because with Jamboard, creativity is endless.

Your team will find it easy to bring concepts to life using Jamboards inbuilt drawing and editing tools.

Sticky pads, shapes, images, content clips and videos can all be added throughout the jam session.

This level of team creativity can only be reached thanks to Jamboard.

Interactive Learning For The Classroom

Supercharge your lessons and spark real-time education with Jamboard.

Both students and educators are benefiting from the interactive learning experience that is Jamboard.

By replacing the conventional whiteboard, Jamboard gives teachers new ways to create lessons that are fun and engaging.

The dreaded textbook is now a fun and interactive app, where students can access a suite of rich editing tools that allows them to participate in the jam session.

Here are some of the other ways in which teachers and students are benefiting from the power of Jamboard. learn more >

Stay Connected With Powerful Video Calls

Present with confidence using Jamboard.

Simple and intuitive video conferencing controls, allow you to host engaging presentations for your attendees.

Easily build an interactive experience by bringing your presentation elements to life by using Jamboards interface.

Have your attendees participate in the presentation by allowing them to connect to the session via the Jamboard app. Involving them will give your presentations a personalised touch.

You can also record your meetings and refer back to them at a later date by accessing them in your Google Drive folder.

Experience The Full Force Of G Suite

Work faster, work smarter with collaboration tools designed for you

The suite of applications that are specifically designed to make it easier for you to collaborate and connect with others.

With G Suite powering Jamboard you will have no problem getting the most out of your jam sessions.

Easily draft documents, create and send important emails, book in meetings and save all work using the G Suite application.

Here are some of the apps included with G Suite.

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Move Over Whiteboard Say Hello to Jamboard

The Jamboard Starter Kit

Everything you need to know about the most intuitive whiteboard ever.

What’s Included

  • ^What’s in the box - Tools Lists
  • ^Set up & Installation Guide
  • ^Jamboard Pricing
  • ^Jamboard App Features
  • ^After Sale Support
  • ^FAQs

Jamboard Top Questions

How Many People Can Jam At Once?

Jamboard supports up to 16 touchpoints at once on a single device. An entire class or board room can join in at the one time on other Jamboards, their phones or Chromebook devices using the app.

16 Touchpoints

How Much Does Jamboard Cost?

The cost of Jamboard can be found in the starter kit. Jamboard includes one Jamboard display, two stylus, one eraser and one wall mount.

Jam Display

Wall Mount

2x Stylus


How Big Is The Jamboard Display?

Jamboard uses an ultra-high definition 55-inch display 4K display that has both touch and scan technologies inbuilt. The Jamboard also comes with an anti-glare feature.

55-Inch 4K Display

Do I Need A Google Account To Use Jamboard?

Yes, you do need a Google account to operate Jamboard. Being directly connected to Google Drive, you require a Google account to access your recent projects and other apps on the G suite.

Google Account

Can Jamboard Be Used On An Ipad?

Yes, you are able to connect to a Jam session through the Jamboard app on your iPad. The Jamboard app will allow you to participate in the Jam session with the same finger controls.

iPad Compatible

Can I Host Conference Calls With Jamboard?

Yes, Jamboard easily allows you to host video meetings whilst a Jam session is in place. You can either choose to display the inbuilt camera or the Jamboard in the video call.

Video Call

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