For The Classroom

Jamboard is transforming the way students and teachers interact with one another. With the majority of learning going digital, classroom and online lessons can now be conducted in a new, fun and engaging way.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which schools, students & teachers are all benefiting from learning with Jamboard.

Giving Students A Voice In Class

Giving each student a voice in class is hard. With standard whiteboards, students would need to walk to the front of the class to participate. Even with the teacher’s constant encouragement, many would shy away.

With the Jamboard app, students can participate from anywhere in the room, making them feel more comfortable to do so. Have them connect to the live jam session where they can add their notes, ask questions, or share their thoughts.

Supercharge Your Lessons

Coming up with new ways to make your classes creative and engaging is a struggle most teachers face. With Jamboard that’s not the case.

Jamboard makes it easy for teachers to get creative when prepping notes, papers, quizzes and other fun class activities.

Use the app to prep at home or use the Jamboard after class, it’s that easy. Once you’re done, simply upload your files to the cloud and access them again once the class is in session.

The 5 Problems Teachers & Students Can Instantly Solve Using Jamboard

For The Office

Jamboard unlocks your team’s creative potential by allowing group collaboration to take place in a creative way.

Work together as a united team on important projects and create ideas from nothing using Jamboards intuitive interface. Your team will experience uninterrupted productivity when bringing their ideas to life.

Work on the same Jamboard together or allow team members to connect and participate on their tablet or PC devices using the Jamboard app.

Don’t Have The Luxury Of A Meeting Room?

With many offices being tight for space, most businesses don’t have the luxury of designated meeting rooms where they can effectively host collaborations.

With Jamboard that all changes.

Unlike whiteboards that are fixed, Jamboard easily moves around your office space. With its purpose-built stand and plug and play design, you can instantly transform the area into a creative space.

It’s Like A White Board But Better

Jamboard is designed to be the focal point of creativity in your office space.

A familiar canvas for most, the Jamboard replicates what you can achieve on a whiteboard and multiplies it by ten. Naturally, sketch and write the same way but with a greater purpose.

The best part about Jamboard is you will never lose your work, even if a colleague prematurely rubs it off. It all saves to the cloud. Plus, you will never run out of ink or look for an eraser again, thanks to a passive stylus and eraser that don’t require pairing.

For Architecture Firms

With the Jamboard app, you get real-time collaboration between contractors and sub-contractors. All stages of the project can be easily monitored and maintained by all parties, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow where deadlines can be met.

Plus, any major decisions throughout the lifespan of the project can be easily discussed and worked on by all members who are required to reach a final decision.

PATH Architecture

See how PATH architecture is using Google Jamboard to help shape the fabric of communities through sustainable materials and intelligent design.

Design The New Way

The Jamboard opens the doors to new opportunities and allows you to discuss alternative ways in which you can design your projects. New materials & designs are able to be drawn and collaborated on using the Jamboard.

Use screenshots of renders, blueprints and other documents to create healthy collaborations amongst your team. Discuss new ways and opportunities in which you can use to design your projects. These could be things like new materials, different designs and other alternatives when completing a project.

Creative Studio
Case Study
Learn how creative agencies are harnessing the power of Jamboard to break through the barrier of difficult collaboration environments and ensure top-level brainstorming takes place.