5 Reasons

to use Google Jamboard

Your whiteboard is constantly a mess and is becoming a dysfunctional nightmare that's hard to organise.

The whiteboard you use daily often becomes a jungle for notes, thoughts and leftover ink. You take photos to keep track of what’s written down, work is often lost because it’s rubbed out prematurely and trying to keep it clean is a job in itself. Well, we know how tiring this all can be and that’s why we created Jamboard. Each Jam session is automatically saved to the Google drive, so you will never stress about losing any of your creative ideas and thoughts. All Jam sessions can be organised into folders, where you or other team members can easily access them at any time. With some effortless swipes of the eraser tool, you can erase what’s on the board, creating a clean white canvas that invites you to collaborate some more. If you really can’t be bothered erasing your work, just start a new Jam session, it’s that easy.

Experience the benefits of hosting effective and productive team collaboration sessions.

Although most businesses understand the benefits of team collaboration, many are restricted to being able to conduct a group brainstorm effectively because of two prominent reasons. The first is space and the second is connectivity. Google Jamboard and the Jamboard app are designed to tackle and solve these two issues head-on. The compact and sleek design of Jamboard gives you the versatility to manoeuvre the Jamboard into small spaces where you can easily start a team collaboration. If you’re really limited for space, you can easily engage your team via the app. Those who aren’t in the room don’t have to miss out, they can join in virtually too. The app allows up to 16 people to connect to the Jam session, wherever they may be in the world. The app updates in real-time, so if you draw an image or make a note, everyone who is connected to your jam session will see it instantaneously.

Interactive learning is the way of the future. Stop using old, outdated methods of teaching.

The way we absorb information is changing. With interactive learning on the rise, old methods of teaching such as the typical classroom lecture are being phased out. The Jamboard has been designed and based around the concept of interactive learning. When used, the Jamboard creates an experience where both teacher and student are involved in the learning process, making it a far more powerful method of teaching.

Here are the benefits you will experience using Jamboard.

Engaging Content – A learner’s level of motivation and engagement is greatly increased by the way in which content is presented. Bring your content to life and make it more appealing to engage with by using Jamboard.

Flexible Learning – Learn when it’s most convenient for you. With Jamboard, learning can take place anywhere, anytime you feel most comfortable. Don’t be restricted to the classroom or the office, use the app to connect from home or on the go.

Powerful presentations and video meetings are all made possible with Jamboard.

Jamboard has all the ingredients you need to create powerful presentations. Using features such as web clippings, sticky notes, the shape recognition tool and access to a library of images, you can easily build a presentation that has a greater impact. The best part about Jamboard is that it makes it easy to present your amazing work. With the built-in HD camera and Meet (video conferencing application) you can host lag-free, video meetings that give your presentations the platform to be powerful. Go one step further by immersing your prospect deep into the presentation and have them be involved directly using the Jamboard app. This type of engagement and connectivity will really take your presentations to the next level.

Get your time back with G suite, a heavenly place where organisation becomes easy.

,Keeping track of creating, saving and distributing files becomes a battle within itself. The huge time lost in the organisation of these micro-processes is the reason as to why most people deem themselves “time-poor”.

We listened to those people and created a system that does most of the work for you.

That system is called G Suite. G Suite is a heavenly place for all you time-poor people and here’s why. Each document that is stored within your G Suite cloud can be accessed by anyone of your team members.

Once the document has been updated, added to, or completely transformed, it automatically saves back to your cloud. That means no more paper trails, back and forth emails, or multiple versions of documents that get lost through cyberspace.