Different Ways to Experience Jamboards Innovative Creativity

Mar 1, 2022

Creativity is a crucial factor for business success, and thanks to Jamboards innovative creativity,CEOs and entrepreneurs can use this solution to collaborate and share their most creative ideas with colleagues and clients, in a more effective way.

Today, we are going to explain how jamboard has revolutionized the traditional methods of collaboration, by empowering creativity through this digital tool.

Here are the different ways you can experience innovative creativity with Google jamboard.

Maximize Creativity Thanks To Autosave & Instant Share

Prior to the introduction of Jamboard, brainstorming took place on traditional whiteboards. The impracticality of having to take screenshots or notes everytime the board was filled, limited the creativity that could take place within the session.

Now with Jamboard, creativity is maximized thanks to the autosave and instant share features offered by Google Drive. This time saving function allows brainstorming sessions to reach their full potential, with all creative thoughts being sent out to team members using the simple click of a button.

Connect Remotely And Collaborate Instantly

Space and connectivity are two factors that limit creativity and productivity during group collaborations. With limited office space, sometimes team leaders can’t gather all members in one place for a meeting or brainstorming session.

With this particular problem in mind, Google developed the Jamboard to give business owners the freedom to conduct group collaboration sessions any place, any time. Being on wheels, Jamboard can be rolled into any meeting or conference room, where team collaboration is going to take place.

If you require additional members to join the session who are not able to be present within the room, Jamboards digital app offers remote connectivity of up to 16 participants. The user can join live using their mobile, desktop or tablet device, and participate within the session, regardless of distance.

Takes Interactive Learning to the Next Level

Various educational institutions can now bring interactive learning into their classrooms to engage with students on a deeper level, thanks to the teaching power of Jamboard.

Connectivity to the internet gives teachers access to thousands of resources they can use to better explain difficult concepts using visual information such as articles, videos and images.

Teachers can also boost class participation by allowing students to connect to the session using the Jamboard app using their laptop or iPad devices, and engage within activities without leaving their desk.

Powerful Presentations

Jamboard makes it super easy for you to create powerful presentations that will leave your prospects in awe. The built-in drawing app and shape recognition makes it super easy to craft a professional presentation in a matter of minutes, which you can then present to your team using the large interactive display, or via the video-conferencing app.

As you can see, Jamboard offers endless creativity through a range of innovative smart features that have been developed for the end user. If you’re looking for a new, fun and interactive way to boost collaboration and creativity, look no further than Jamboard.

You can learn more about Jamboard via our website here.