What is Jamboard All About?

Jan 15, 2021

It’s hard to sum up Google Jamboard in a sentence or two. That’s why we thought to put together this short blog post, sharing with you the wonderful features and amazing benefits that Jamboard has to offer, so you can make your own judgement call on what Jamboard is all about.

Here are the main features listed below.

A Powerful Online Collaboration Tool That Makes Working in a Team Easy

Jamboard is a powerful online collaboration tool that runs using cloud based software. Fit for any workplace, Jamboard offers a unique set of features that you are unable to receive from traditional whiteboards. With it’s high level of interactivity and suite full of collaboration tools, Jamboard is making it even easier for large teams to effectively work together. This benefit alone attracts users in both the corporate and education sector who use Jamboard on a daily basis to run their teams.

To learn more about the suite of collaboration tools Jamboard has to offer click here

Work Together Even If You Aren’t In The Same Room

Jamboard makes it easy for teams to work together even if members aren’t in the same room or in the same part of the world. The way in which Jamboard does this is through it’s intelligent 16 touch point feature which is offered on the Jam app. This app allows up to 16 members of a team to collaborate simultaneously in-real time. With this type of connectivity, businesses who have multiple teams in various locations are no longer restricted when wanting to host effective brainstorming sessions. All that is needed for set up is an active internet connection, jamboard or tablet device and most important of all a comfy place to sit.

Host Live Events, Video Conferences & Create Lessons Using The HD Webcam

Video conferencing is made even easier with Jamboards built in high-definition webcam. Using a fish eyed lens Jambaord can capture an entire room and its surroundings. Businesses with large meeting rooms benefit from this feature, as they can host team meetings, live events and important conferences using the Google Meet app on the Jamboard.

Teachers are also benefiting from this feature as it allows them to create virtual classrooms and lessons for their students.

Store and Share Files Between Members Of Your Team Easily

With Jamboard being powered by G Suite & Google Drive it makes storing and sharing files to members of your team easy. Each document that is created is automatically saved to your drive where you can grant other team members access based on their role. If you need the document reviewed or edited, simply add that team member via email as a follower and grant them the permission they require.

The other great benefit of using G Suite and Google drive to manage your Jam files is that you will never lose your work again. Each time a file is edited, it is updated in real time so that all parties have the latest version. Even if your computer shuts down unexpectedly your work will be automatically saved to the cloud.

As you can see Jamboard interactive learning has many amazing benefits that it can offer to those who choose to harness its power. For more information and ways on how you can get the most out of your Jamboard, visit our website or contact us via our live chat.