Unlocking A New Way of Collaboration

Apr 22, 2022

How Innovative Australian Businesses Are Unlocking A New Way To Collaborate Using Jamboard 

Want to know the next big thing in workplace collaboration? Finally, it is available here in Australia.

If you are looking for a flexible and innovative solution for your organization to achieve more, then Jamboard Australia is the right tool for you. 

Coming out with successful business strategies and solutions is not just a job of a single person but a result of effective team collaborations and brainstorming sessions. 

Designed for this purpose, Jamboard aims to help team leaders facilitate productive discussions and exchange of ideas through a collaborative digital whiteboard with a UHD 4K touch-sensitive display and software. Multiple users can join and work on various projects inside the available creative space – known as a jam session.

This tool unlocks a new kind of teamwork in this digital age and helps your team brainstorm and collaborate more effectively wherever they are, either in the same room or halfway around the world. 

Here are the different ways this smart interactive whiteboard paves the way for businesses and entrepreneurs alike to take meaningful team collaborations to a whole new level.

Grab All the Content You Need in One Click

Bringing your team’s ideas and concepts to life takes a whole new level with Google Jamboard as it raises the standard on empowering interactive learning and innovative creativity.

Unlike the traditional and monotonous whiteboard, Jamboard allows users to grab and pull content such as images, text, and files directly from the web or their files straight onto the Jamboard. 

Collaborators can also sketch out their ideas, attach digital sticky notes, and pull together content from the web into a single, constantly updating workspace.

Instantly Transforms Illegible Writing into Readable Text

Jamboard has built-in handwriting and shapes recognition tool that turns your scribbles into readable notes. This means your drawings and handwriting don’t have to be perfect because the smart whiteboard uses shape recognition software that instantly cleans messy handwriting into a clear version.

Collaborators can also add and share their thoughts using the digital sticky pads and insert images, illustrations, and video clippings directly from the web or their files to stress their points.

The Jamboard also comes with a non-chargeable stylus, which is a major advantage.

Join Jam Sessions from Anywhere

With the current work-from-home setup, remote team collaborations are made possible with the Jamboard app. It encourages teamwork between team members across the world through a common screen. 

Team members can join the jams from anywhere using their mobile and Chromebook devices. Any changes made on the Jamboard immediately appear on their screens, and any edits they make on their devices are also reflected in real-time on the Jamboard display.

Turn Your Office into A Learning Space with Jamboard Australia

The compact and plug-and-play design of the Jamboard allows it to fit even in small spaces creating an instant learning environment for group collaborations. 

Also, this digital whiteboard has multiple touchpoints that can support up to 16 devices or participants in each jam, so there’s no reason why the entire team can’t get involved. All jam sessions are saved in the cloud so that team members can return to them later or share them with others.

Jamboard is a collaborative tool that takes group collaborations to the next level. The only limitation in using this tool is your creativity. 

If you want to see the powerful new Google Jamboard up close in action and  learn how it can drive your team to achieve more at work, click here for more details.