The Top 5 Ways Teachers Can Benefit From Using Jamboard In Their Classrooms

Aug 9, 2021

Education has been evolving for quite some time now and digital learning is becoming more common in the classroom. Teachers are taking advantage of interactive platforms such as Google Jamboard to offer their students a deeper dive into subjects, providing them with alternative ways to learn and collaborate with others, making their lessons more engaging & entertaining.

Here are the top five ways teachers are taking advantage of Google Jamboard in the classroom.

1)  Create & Collaborate Using Lesson Plans

Teachers can use Jamboard to create online lesson plans, which students can use and collaborate from within the classroom or at home.  Lesson plans are a great way to keep students on track, spark creative thought, prompt idea generation, and collaborate on topics as a class.

2) Taking Lesson Materials Online

One of Jamboards more valuable benefits is being able to take lesson materials online. By moving files, documents & notes to Google drive, teachers can easily access this material directly from the Jamboard whenever they need. The convenience allows teachers to utilise their time more effectively, being able to prepare new course material to enhance the curriculum.

3) Host & Stream Videos

Teachers can create video presentations online with Google Slides and host them  online with Jamboard. This allows students to watch the video online and participate using their online devices in class or at home. This also comes in handy when it’s a video that a teacher may want the entire class to watch online, instead of having to pass out hard copies.

4)   Involving Students In Presentations

Presentations can now be created by students, for students. Using the web browser feature, teachers can source material from 1000’s of different websites that relate to the topic of interest and implement supporting images, videos & screenshots into their presentations. This provides an entirely new way for students to learn about certain topics, and helps to engage & educate students in a more interactive manner.

5)  Shortened Lessons That Pack More Punch

Due to class material being stored and easily accessible in the cloud, teachers can shorten lessons and focus more on the interaction between them and their students. Improved learning can tale place in this 1 on 1 interaction, instead of spending an excessive amount of time writing down notes or reading material.

To Conclude…

Utilising Jamboard in the classroom has taken educational apparatus to a whole new level and provides teachers with more freedom and flexibility to improve on the traditional methods of teaching.

The online learning that is taking place in classrooms will only continue to improve as technology advances and the possibilities of increased online activity becomes more accessible & affordable for students, parents & teachers alike.

To learn more about how Jamboard is being used within the education sector, click the link below.