Google Jamboard Starter Kit

Everything You Need To Know About The Most Intuitive Whiteboard Ever

What’s In The Box


The ultra sleek, ultra light weight 55 inch, 4K display Jamboard unit. Designed with beautifully finished rounded edges and a bright red or blue matte back, the Jamboard is easy on the eye.


The rounded, soft white eraser is designed to match your stylus. Built to be used like a traditional eraser it also requires no pairing or batteries to operate. It also features a microfibre cloth, so while your tidying up content your simultaneously cleaning your Jamboard.

Wall Mount

The heavy duty, slimline wall mount is used to house your Jamboard if you want to make it the feature of a room.

With its easy installation design you can mount your Jamboard flat onto any wall.

2x Stylus

The crisp white weighted stylus feels great in hand and gives you remarkable feedback when you’re drawing. Designed without batteries or pairing the stylus is always ready to be used. We even threw in an extra one for your creative friend.

Rolling Stand

The lightweight, heavy duty rolling stand is built too easily manoeuvre your Jamboard. Designed with four, 360 degree rotational wheels, you will have no problem fitting your Jamboard into tight spaces.

Power Cord

The power cord that brings your Jamboard into life. Designed to match the colour of your Jamboard, you will hardly notice it when you are busy Jamming away.

Tool Kit – Collaborative Features

Draw, Erase and Add Shapes


Choose a pen and colour. Then use your finger or stylus to draw.


Choose the eraser to erase with your finger or stylus. You can also use the eraser tool. Touch and hold the erase tool to show the Clear Frame option.

Handwriting Recognition

Choose the handwriting recognition tool and write using your finger or stylus. The tool converts your handwriting into printed text.

Shape Recognition

The tool converts your drawing into a shape object. Draw any shape with your finger or stylus and watch it come to life.


The autodraw tools, draws shapes and objects that can be recognised and transformed into actual images on the Jamboard.
Add Drive Files, Images, and Notes

Add Drive File

You can add a file to the Jamboard from Drive on your phone or tablet.

Search Web

Choose the search web tool and enter text to search for information.

Search Images

Use the search tool to find copyright-free images online.

Insert Stickers

Add stickers or stencils to your jam through our pre-populated gallery. There are heaps to choose from.

Take Photo

Choose the take photo tool and add a freshly taken image to your Jam.
G Suite Apps


Stay connected with the most trusted global business email application.


Host video meeting & voice conferences easily

Google Calendar

Never miss deadlines again with Google Calendar. Easily organise meetings and important events using the friendly interface.


Create and share documents with staff easily with using Google documents.


Create powerful spreadsheets with Google sheets.


After – Sale Support

2 Year Warranty

The two-year standard warranty will cover you for any repair or replacement damage at our discretion. You are able to purchase an extended warranty through this link here.

Video Training

With your purchase of Jamboard, you will receive exclusive access to a video training series that we put together, to show you how you can get the most out of your Jamboard. All videos are easy to follow as they breakdown each process in a step by step way.

Chat Support

If you have any questions or uncertainties with your Jamboard you can contact our chat support 24/7 to find the answer you need. We will point you in the right direction on what information or training you need to solve your problem.

G Suite Training

With the purchase of Jamboard, you will receive access to G Suite training that will be provided by your dedicated Google rep. They will familiarise you with the entire G Suite platform, showing you things like: How to use each app or How to save files to your cloud.

Software Support

If you are having software issues with your Jamboard there are many ways in which you can approach the problem. You can contact us via our chat or online support number and we can diagnose the issue then and there. After the diagnosis is complete, we will determine what approach to take to help you fix the issue.

Hardware Support

If you are having issues with your Jamboards hardware then you can contact us via our online chat support or telephone number. After we diagnose the issue we can determine one of three things.

1. Whether we can help you over the phone. 2. Whether you need a technician sent out. 3. Whether you need your Jamboard to be taken away repairing.

Jamboard Top Questions

How can I purchase Jamboard?
Visit our website and get into contact with our team so that we can assist you with your purchase of Jamboard. You can either contact us via telephone, submitting an enquiry form or via our char bot.
Is Jamboard’s internet connectivity wired or wireless?
Jamboard works with both wireless and wired connections. You can easily set up the wireless connection via the Jamboard or by simply plugging your ethernet cable in.
How many people can Jam at once?
Jamboard supports up to 16 touchpoints at once on a single device. An entire class or board room can join in at the one time on other Jamboards, their phones or Chromebook devices using the app.
Do I need a google account to use Jamboard?
Yes, you do need a Google account to operate Jamboard. Being directly connected to Google Drive, you require a Google account to access your recent projects and other apps on the G suite.
Where can I buy Jamboard accessories from?
We have an online store where you can purchase additional accessories such as the Jamboard stylus or eraser via the link here. Jamboard Accessories Store
Who do I contact if I have a problem with my Jamboard?
You can contact our support team directly and we can prepare a ticket to diagnose your issue. We will then carry out the correct procedure to have your issue fixed as soon as possible.
Can Jamboard be used on the phone?
Yes, Jamboard can be used on the phone through the Jamboard app. The app allows you to jam using the same features as that you would get on your Jamboard.
Can I replace my current software with G Suite?

Yes. We’ve found that many of our customers are able to eliminate their existing productivity suites and rely exclusively on G Suite. The transition is quite simple and hassle-free. Once the transition is complete you will be asking yourself why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

Are there any ongoing costs associated with Jamboard?

Yes, there are two very small ongoing costs associated with Jamboard. The first is your licence for Jamboard. This ensures that your Jamboard is an active Google product. The second is the licence you will need to pay yearly for G suite.

What are the difference between The G Suite editions?
G Suite has three editions: Basic, Business and Enterprise. Basic has 30GB of storage per user, Business offers unlimited storage and archiving, and Enterprise includes additional advanced controls and customizations.
Is Jamboard a G Suite core service?
Yes, Jamboard is a G Suite core service. This includes the web, phone, tablet apps. The Jamboard device is covered by separate terms of service agreement.
What do customers get with Jamboard admin management console?

Admins will be able to:
1. Set up their device
2. Monitor their device status
3. Configure various servings
4. Manage a fleet of Jamboards
5. Perform remote functions such as factory resets

How much does Jamboard cost?

The cost of Jamboard can be found in the starter kit. Jamboard includes one Jamboard display, two styli, one eraser and one wall mount.

Can Jamboard be used on an Ipad?
Yes, you are able to connect to a Jam session through the Jamboard app on your iPad. The Jamboard app will allow you to participate in the Jam session with the same finger controls.
Can I mount my Jambaord on the wall?
Yes, you can. We have a special wall mount designed especially for Jamboard. We also are able to assist with the installation process so that your Jamboard is installed correctly.
Can I use Zoom with Jamboard?
Yes, you are able to launch a zoom meeting with audio-only. We do recommend you use Google meet to host video and audio conferences. Google meet is part of G Suite and is exceptionally easy to use when connecting with others.
What is the difference between G Suite and Google free apps?
With G Suite, you receive a number of additional business-grade services not included with Google’s free consumer apps. These services include: – Custom business email – Twice the amount of cloud storage – 24/7 phone and email support – 99% guaranteed uptime on business email – Additional security options like two-step authentication and SSO
Will you send a technician out to me to fix my Jamboard?
Yes we can, but it depends on the severity of the issue. If your Jamboard’s hardware or solare is broken we can send out a technician to diagnose and fix this issue, so that you experience as little downtime as possible.
Can you use Jamboard as a TV?

No you can’t use Jamboard as a tv, but you can watch videos on Jamboard. Jamboard does not have an antenna port, but does have access to the internet. You are able to bring up websites like Youtube where you can watch the latest videos on the web.

Do you have any training on how to use the Jamboard?

Yes, we have put together a video series that will take you through the basic steps on how to use your Jamboard. If there is something specific in which you are wanting to learn, you are able to send us an email where we will create a video, taking you through the training you require.

Do I need Internet to run Jamboard?
Yes, to set up the board an internet connection is required. In offline mode, Jamboard supports core drawing functionality. However, online connectivity is required for sharing, saving to the drive, handwriting recognition, connecting to a meeting and other Jamboard features.
Can I use Jamboard to display my windows, mac or chromebook display?
Yes, you can use your Jamboard to display your windows, mac or Chromebook screen. It uses the mirror function to do so.
How big is the Jamboard display?

Jamboard uses a ultra-high definition 55-inch display 4K display that has both touch and scan technologies inbuilt. The Jamboard also comes with an anti-glare feature.

Can I host conference calls with Jamboard?
Yes, Jamboard easily allows you to host video meetings whilst a Jam session is in place. You can either choose to display the inbuilt camera or the Jamboard in the video call.
Do I buy G Suite through your company or separately?
Yes, we offer G suite as a product. You can purchase G suite in a bundle with one of our Jamboard products or you can purchase it separately through our website.
How does the Jamboard app work?
The Jamboard app can be easily downloaded to a mobile or tablet device. The Jamboard app allows up to 26 people to connect to the jam session and participate in real-time.
Can I purchase individual G Suite?
No. When you sign up for G suite you’ll gain access to a set of integrated apps that work together seamlessly. For instance, you can receive a message in Gmail and instantly convert it into a Calendar event.
Do I need a Gmail account to run Jamboard?
Yes. You will need to sign up for a Google account to use the product. The sign up will only take a couple of minutes, but it will allow you to keep all of your files and documents safely stored in one place.
Can I migrate my existing email to G Suite?
Yes. G suite migration tools are available for importing your old emails from legacy environments such as Microsoft, TBM, Notes and other email systems.

Jamboard Pricing

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