How Jamboard Interactive Learning is Redefining 21st Century Education

Apr 12, 2022

To help students thrive in this modern world, technology-enabled tools such as the Jamboard Interactive Learning are not only redefining education but also transforming the way students and teachers interact with each other. 

Today, learning is not only confined within the four corners of the classroom. With the help of various interactive tools like the Jamboard app, long-distance learning has never been this effective, fun and engaging for students around the globe. 

Here are some of the ways students and teachers from prestigious schools worldwide, are benefiting from this innovative tool within the classroom and from home:

Jamboard Creates A Fun And Engaging Learning Environment Within The Classroom

Jamboard is the desired choice within classrooms around the globe, replacing digital whiteboards, thanks to its 55 inch, 4K Ultra High-Definition display.  Jamboard provides a mind-blowing interactive learning experience for students and teachers, as images, illustrations, and videos are brought to life. Difficult concepts are easy to teach, thanks to the capabilities of this visual learning tool. 

Transform Any Room Into An Interactive Classroom

Being on wheels, Jamboard can be maneuvered into any room, easily turning it into an interactive learning environment. Simply connect the Jamboard to power, switch it on and start teaching. It’s that easy! 

Online Classes Made Possible With Jamboard

With online classes becoming more sought after by students and various learning institutes, Jamboard provides a platform that makes running online classes a breeze. 

The built in Jam app allows students from around the globe to connect to the class session and gain the same learning experience as if they were sitting in a physical classroom. 

Not only is connectivity made easy but, teachers can easily share class notes to students through the click of a button, thanks to G suite. Entire course curriculum can be pre-organised and stored within folders on the cloud, giving teachers more control over how they manage their online classes. 

Giving Students Their Voice In The Classroom

Jamboard is one of the best hardware investments in any educational institution to encourage students to participate and find their voice inside the classroom more conveniently. During class activities or group brainstorming sessions, students can add their thoughts, notes & annotations to the board, without having to physically go the board. Students who used to struggle, are not encouraged to participate from wherever they feel most comfortable. 

Jamboard Interactive Learning Empowers Teachers 

In this modern world full of distractions, gaining and holding the attention of students is a prized possession for teachers today. Thus, teachers must find new ways to make their curriculum more engaging. 

With Jamboards interactive learning features, teachers can turn boring old lessons into fun and engaging activities that are impossible with traditional teaching methods. Illustrations, videos and images can be incorporated to make lessons more stimulating and creative. 

Lesson plans and other files can also be uploaded and accessed on google drive for later use.

Is It Time For You To Update Your Classroom With Jamboard?

Without a doubt, Jamboards interactive learning platform is giving education institutes the ability to redefine and transform the traditional way of teaching. As this is the first of its kind, Jamboard will be a household name in future classrooms around the world. 

So the question is…

Is it time for you to update your classroom with Jamboard? 

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